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Über Groundies

We love walking barefoot - the most natural and beautiful way of locomotion. That's why we have made it our mission to make this special feeling tangible for everyone at all times.

The heart of our shoes is the minimalistic TrueSense® sole, that guarantees a sensitive walking experience. It enables great sensory feedback that connects you with your environment and your initial self. The lightweight, flexible and durable TrueSense® sole can strengthen your feet and improve your posture.

As a carbon neutral company, we value sustainable quality. That's why our shoes are handcrafted and the TrueSense® soles combined with high-quality materials to create a unique and durable footwear.

We take your feedback to heart whilst developing our shoes. For this reason, in addition to our anatomically cut models with a wide toe box for friends of walking barefoot, we have also developed models with a narrower toe box. These combine the flexibility, comfort and barefoot feel of our TrueSense® soles with the fit of "conventional" shoes.

All Groundies shoes are incomparable, you won't feel the urge to free your feet, even after a long day. You'll probably never want to take them off!