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Sports barefoot shoes slip-resistant & universal – Groundies

For an active lifestyle: Groundies sports barefoot shoes with slip-resistant TrueSense® sole. Perfect for outdoor activities or training & gym.

Sports barefoot shoes– for an active lifestyle

Being active means to take care of your well-being and health, but to feel free as well. To have the freedom to do whatever you like and to be able to rely on your body. Groundies sports barefoot shoes will make you feel all the more free. Thanks to their lightweight and flexibility, your feet are no longer restricted when walking. The physical strength of your body will be vitalised and you will feel more balanced and self-confident "on the move". Discover the unique barefoot feeling when doing sports with sports barefoot shoes from Groundies.

Sports barefoot shoes: More and more athletes go for them

More and more athletes are discovering the benefits of barefoot shoes for themselves: sports barefoot shoes not only offer almost complete sensory feedback with every step, but in addition lead to less physical strain on the joints. This is because your muscles will do their job again and protect you against impact forces. At the same time, the risk of injury decreases because your body awareness will be enhanced as well.

Optimised movements thanks to sports barefoot shoes

Your gait and movements are structurally optimised when walking barefoot, thus reducing the risk of strains, for example. Walking with barefoot shoes instead of conventional ones will activate completely different muscle groups. After a certain period of getting used to it, your movements will become smoother and your joints will be less exposed to shocks, as you do not roll over the heel. When wearing sports barefoot shoes, the forefoot and midfoot dynamically cushion the movements - which is good for hip and knee joints.

Groundies Active – for powerful steps towards your athletic future

Whether you go to the gym or you're a runner, the Groundies Active barefoot shoes will be your perfect companion offering maximum comfort without having to compromise on performance. Their flexible, thin and slip-resistant sole makes them suitable for nearly any type of ground and allows you to strengthen your foot muscles with every step you take. The Groundies Active Sport barefoot shoes are designed for people who want to be active without having to do without the unique barefoot experience. No more stress on the feet, no more annoying blisters and pressure marks, but all the more fun to move.