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Trail ’n’ Hike with the ALL TERRAIN HIGH

Be outdoor. Be healthy. Be real!

Do you only feel comfortable in nature, no matter what the weather? Then you need our All Terrain High. A shoe designed to withstand the most demanding terrain, and that always gets the most out of you and your body. Thanks to the new TrueSense® Outdoor sole, your foot is safely protected and gives you optimal grip - regardless of whether you're hiking or running a trail. Likewise, your foot muscles can work naturally thanks to the heel-less, flexible sole and wide toe box. The result is a shoe that supports your body's balance and natural posture, as well as its ability to recover. In addition, the All Terrain High offers the highest level of quality and comfort, as can be seen in its waterproof upper, pleasantly soft ankle padding, and rugged lacing zones on the instep. Plus, thanks to the heel loop, it's easy to put on or take off. Read more