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Barefoot for deceleration

Get up, take a shower, go to work, eat something fast on the way. Family, friends and associations: Everyday life can be quite hectic. When we finally arrive home after a long day, we take off our shoes and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. Imagine if that pleasant freedom would accompany you during the day and you could decelerate your accelerated life all on your own.

Nice imagination? With GROUNDIES® that becomes reality.

Listen to your body

Higher, faster, further, better: In the digital era, we hardly find time for ourselves. We are forced to be fast and by all means possible, efficient. Every activity becomes a competition with yesterday’s self. But your body signals when there is a need for action. Neck pain, tension and even back pain are the consequences of a stressful lifestyle - and heavily padded or too tightly cut shoes. Tension pains in the back can not only be pointed to monotonous desk work, but also to the wrong footwear. Barefoot shoes from GROUNDIES® are one way to reduce suffering and to walk through life with more attentiveness.

Walking barefoot and attentive through life

The moment you slip into the minimalistic barefoot shoe from GROUNDIES®, you directly notice the difference. Thanks to the super-thin sole, you perceive the surface in a completely different way and automatically go more conscious and slowly. With each step you feel the connection to Earth. This sensory feedback is immediately forwarded to your brain and helps you to orientate yourself in the room and move more mindfully. Whether walking on cobblestones, sand or across a meadow, the nerves of your feet will perceive the surroundings in a dissimilar way and will make it difficult for you to only focus on your smartphone when getting from A to B.

Relaxation from foot to head

While walking in barefoot shoes, you automatically train the muscles of your feet. Thus, your feet become stronger and the entire posture can improve. Supposedly chic office shoes with heel or tapered shoes narrow the natural foot shape. However GROUNDIES® and its thin, non-slip sole will give you back your natural and healthy posture. The increased use of your tendon plate relieves your spine. You walk more upright and consciously and no longer rush towards the end of the day to finally throw the uncomfortable shoes in the back of your apartment.


The best tips for self-care:

We have summarized the best tips for you to make sure the shoe no longer presses your feet and life more relaxing:

*         Walk barefootas much as possible, after all, barefoot is the most natural way to walk. You instantly feel and enjoy the difference.

*          In order to be able to experience the natural barefoot feeling protected in your everyday life, switch from conventional shoes to GROUNDIES®. How the change works as smoothly, you can find out in our article about the change to barefoot shoes

*         Me-Time: Switch off your smartphone, forget about the pedometer at home and dare to say no when your resources are exhausted. Your body and mind need breaks to process all the experiences of the day. Therefore, in the evening, before going to bed, give yourself time to relax: with a cup of tea, a good book or a foot massage.

Light-footed through life again

With our GROUNDIES® you walk light and more attentive through life.You perceive your environment in a completely different way. Last but not least, you will learn to once again consciously love your life even more than just from acceleration. Start with your feet - Love your feet again.

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