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Barefoot shoes in case of foot malpositions

Prevent foot malpositions with GROUNDIES®

When you think of unhealthy shoes, pointy high heels might come to mind. But that's just the worst case - the actual problem is much more common: Most conventional footwear does not follow the natural shape and function of our feet. Foot malpositions are often the result.

Too narrow, too high

Many traditional shoes are designed much too narrow, especially at the front, just to create a special look. But there's a big negative side effect: The toes are being pressed together. Unlike barefoot, they cannot rest on the ground comfortably or spread out naturally. Furthermore, almost all conventional shoes - from business lace-ups to running sneakers - have some kind of heel elevation.

Hallux Valgus

Hallux valgus and other issues

Many people suffer from foot malpositions. A very common one is called "Hallux valgus", you may have seen it before. It's a malpositioning of the big toe. This is often caused by genetics and then made worse by unhealthy footwear. Since women's shoes tend to be narrower with higher heels, Hallux Valgus is more likely to become a problem for women.

Heels or heel elevations of any kind affect our posture and movements. As a result, the balls of the feet have to carry most of the body weight. The toes, on the other hand, cannot move freely and naturally. In the long term, the angle between the big toe and the second toe changes: The big toe points inwards and might even slide over the second toe. Painful inflammations, pressure points and skin irritations can be the result.

How barefoot shoes can help

Other than most conventional shoes, GROUNDIES® are completely flat - this is called zero drop. The body weight is evenly and naturally carried by the entire feet, just like when walking barefoot. Another important aspect is the wide toe box: Following the natural shape of the feet, GROUNDIES® do not become narrower, but wider in the front area. This allows the toes to spread out and roll up freely. You enjoy natural freedom of movement, which comes very close to walking barefoot. Ff the malposition is already present, barefoot shoes help to prevent the problem from becoming even worse and offer damaged feet enough space, flexibility and recreational freedom of movement.

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