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Catch GROUNDIES® in many new PARK Barefootwear stores now throughout Germany

Park Barefootwear

Finally a chance to be able to experience the barefoot feeling GROUNDIES® has to offer up close in stores throughout Germany. No more waiting for your package to arrive! Just peak through and slip into your favourite models instantly. You can find the entire GROUNDIES® collection at PARK Barefootwear. The competent store employees will be happy to answer all your questions about GROUNDIES® and proper barefoot walking.

The joy of barefoot walking on the spot

Düsseldorf recently celebrated the opening of a PARK Barefootwear store. Only a few days later, the citizens of Freiburg were also happy about their very own store. In Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Bonn and Berlin, you can now test GROUNDIES® on different barefoot trails and take your favourite pair home with you.

PARK Barefootwear Stores
PARK Barefootwear Stores

When will GROUNDIES® arrive in my city?

Due to the popularity of our sustainable yet fashionable barefoot shoes, we are planning further openings of PARK Barefootwear stores throughout Germany. You can find out exactly when the time is right for you in our , magazine or on our social media. Stay tuned!

You want to take action and help continue the GROUNDIES® path of success? As an official franchise partner, you work independent in your own store, however we´ll be giving our support and advice behind the scenes. On topics like our collection, barefoot shoes and healthy feet in general. Find out more information about our franchise concept .

PARK Barefootwear Stores
PARK Barefootweare Stores

Why PARK Barefootwear?

What comes together belongs together: Protected and stylish with GROUNDIES® and sporty functionality with the barefoot models from VIVOBAREFOOT. With PARK Barefootwear every foot has a chance to be happy. Stop by and see for yourself!

We´ll be looking forward to your visit.

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