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GROUNDIES® Hightech-Sohle

The TrueSense® Barefoot Sole

With the TrueSense® sole we have accomplished a small revolution in the barefoot sector. The barefoot sole combines ultimate flexibility and extreme durability. That way you will enjoy complete barefoot feeling which lasts. We are absolutely confident of this, so we give you a 3-year warranty against the sole wearing through.

Walk healthy and upright

With our barefoot soles we've deliberately skipped heel drop and padding. The TrueSense® sole is completely flat, without heel elevation and cushioning. This is the only way to maintain a healthy, upright posture. You will move naturally like barefoot.

Made in Germany

The TrueSense® soles are made in Pirmasens, a traditional centre of the shoemaking trade in Germany. With only 3.3mm base and 3mm profile the TrueSense® barefoot sole is extremely thin, light and flexible.

Built to last

The TrueSense® barefoot sole is made of LTPU, which combines the properties of plastics and rubber. It is extremely light and flexible. You will benefit from full freedom of movement with each step.

Our sole is highly tear and abrasion resistant. We fully trust our TrueSense® sole. That's why you enjoy a 3-year warranty against wearing it through.

Walk protected

The sole offers you a secure barefoot walking and maximum protection against the weather. It is non-slip and provides a firm grip on many surfaces.

LTPU requires no plasticizers. Once the shoes have eventually served their purpose, the material can even be recycled. This makes the TrueSense® sole eco-friendly and helps preserve valuable resources.

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