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How to take care of your GROUNDIES® in autumn

If you love something, take care of it.

This should also apply to your shoes. If you take good care of your GROUNDIES® you will not only enjoy the protected barefoot feeling longer, but also the pleasure of having new and shiny looking shoes for a long time.

Shoe care is very important, especially in autumn. The upper of your shoes should be adaptable to all phases of autumn: from the golden to the stormy. Because a non-slip sole alone is not enough to protect you from the weather.

But how should leather or vegan materials be treated? And what needs to be noted with metallic surfaces? Let us explain it to you.

How to protect and take care of my smooth leather:

First of all, you need to impregnate leather shoes and apply the spray on the entire shoe with a distance of 20 centimetres. Let the spray dry and repeat the process up to three times. If you bring dirt and mud home, while walking through the autumn leaves, you should let your shoes dry at room temperature. Don’t put it on the heater, this dries out fine leather.

With a fine brush, you can remove coarse dirt, before using a damp cloth to make the leather all shiny again. To extend the lifetime of your smooth leather GROUNDIES®, you should treat it regularly with wax or shoe polish. These products will moisturize your shoes and make them water repellent. Do not use conventional detergents! That destroys the soft surface.

How to protect and take care of my suede:

Suede is quickly porous and brittle if it is not properly maintained and roughened. Also here you should make sure you impregnate the shoes before wearing them. Around every six weeks, suede must be gently brushed, so that the surface remains beautifully velvet. Waxy mixtures are not suitable for Suede, they destroy the fine fiber.

Suede is quite sensitive to moisture, so on a rainy autumn day, suede GROUNDIES® are better off at home!

How to protect and take care of my vegan leather:

Vegan GROUNDIES®, like our bestseller Sydney, should also be impregnated to make it more resistant to dirt and water. Regularly cleaning them with brushes and damp sponges is very important. Make sure that the brushes are really soft, because hard brushes can leave scratches on the surface.

Similar to real leather, the vegan model also needs a lot of moisture to stay shiny and beautifully elastic. Special detergents for vegan leather are highly efficient for fast but thorough care

How to protect and take care of my metallic:

To keep your metallic model as glamorous as on the first day, we recommend a metallic spray. Here it’s important that the cleaning and care products are only slightly fat. Our metallic spray refreshes the sparkling metallic effect of your GROUNDIES® and keeps the material smooth.

Other great tips for shoe care:

*         Wetness and dirt: You should always let soiling dry first, otherwise you risk water stains.

*         The right shape: You can use shoe tensioners to keep your shoe in shape.

*         Little helpers: Get the right care brushes and sponges to care for your GROUNDIES® as carefully as possible.

*         Less is more: Too much shoe polish damages the material. If residues remain on the shoe, unpleasant crusts can build up.

*         Impregnation: When? How often? With what? You will find further information on the correct impregnation in our magazine article.

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