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Outdoor barefoot shoes for men

Whether it´s roots or stones, asphalt roads or trails, our men's outdoor barefoot shoes will master the challenges of your next outdoor adventure. Their robust GX1 multi-terrain barefoot sole provides you with grip on any surface. They protect your feet without having to compromise on that special barefoot feeling. The GX1 is just as flexible as all our other tried-and-tested TrueSense®-soles and clearly stands up to them in terms of quality and durability. Groundies men's outdoor barefoot shoes are the perfect fit for your next outdoor adventure and their quality will satisfy you.

Barefoot shoes: lots of benefits for your outdoor adventure

Do you love to do a lot of trekking, hiking or camping? Then our barefoot shoes are the perfect choice as they offer a number of benefits away from city life and asphalt or well-groomed parks and gardens. Our extremely light and flexible outdoor barefoot shoes will actively boost your sense of freedom in nature because their thin yet durable soles provide you with so much more sensomotoric feedback also enhancing your sense of balance and movement patterns. The larger toe box of our outdoor barefoot shoes give your feet enough space and bruises are a thing of the past. In addition, the flexible shape and thin sole will train your feet and calves and strengthen your muscles thus preventing foot problems. Blisters and aching pressure marks that almost every hiker and mountaineer is familiar with, are gone once and for all times as the uniform load on the feet will lead to an even callus formation.

Groundies´ waterproof and durable barefoot boots

Our Groundies outdoor shoes for men come in different designs. With a mix of waterproof and robust materials such as leather and nylon, they are perfect for your trips and hikes in every weather condition. Your feet stay dry and warm without having to forego the unique experience of walking barefoot. The non-slip GX1 multi-terrain sole provides a secure grip. Breathable lining made of windproof high-tech microfibre make for extra comfort. Test our Groundies men´s barefoot shoes indoors and outdoors for two weeks and get your money back if you are not satisfied.

Groundies - a passion for shoes that meets quality

Groundies´ mission is to design barefoot shoes that are not only light, flexible and functional, but also convincing in terms of design and innovation. We love walking barefoot and therefore like to offer barefoot shoes for everyone that inspire with regard to quality as well as to walking experience. Walking barefoot stands for freedom and openmindedness, values that are also reflected in our corporate culture. Our headquarters are located in sunny Freiburg on the edge of the Black Forest, a city that is both culturally diverse and tolerant and very close to nature. Environmental awareness and sustainability are also essential concerns for Groundies. We try to do business as climate-friendly as possible and we constantly strive to improve in this respect. Designed in Germany and Italy, our barefoot shoes are manufactured exclusively in the EU.