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Light, durable, barefoot - more about our materials

The aim of barefoot shoes is to give our feet natural freedom of movement while at the same time protecting them. This places some demands on the materials used. Not easy, but thanks to our belief in barefoot shoes, we have accepted the challenge: During the development of GROUNDIES®, we put a lot of thought into our materials and production conditions.

Sustainability in manufacturing and the related longevity of our shoes were our top priority. That is why we decided to design and produce our shoes in Europe. In this way we can guarantee fair working conditions and reasonable wages. In addition, we avoid unnecessary transport routes. Both our upper materials and the material for the GROUNDIES® barefoot sole have been carefully selected and thoroughly tested in advance.

The GROUNDIES® high-tech barfoot sole: flexible, durable, environmentally friendly

The typical GROUNDIES® barefoot sole is produced in Germany. It is only 6.3mm thin, light and super flexible. So you enjoy absolute freedom of movement and the greatest possible barefoot feeling. As material we use light TPU. It combines all the advantages of plastic and rubber. It is about six times more abrasion resistant than soft PVC. This ensures that the sole is particularly robust and lasts for a long time without being run through. Also good for the environment: Fewer plastic particles are released due to less abrasion. The soles can be 100% recycled. What's more, lightweight TPU makes the sole particularly slip-resistant, thus ensuring safety on all surfaces.

Our upper materials

All our materials are absolutely light, soft and elastic. The aim is that you can put on the shoe without loosening the lacing. This is the only way you can really move your foot freely.

Our leather: Soft and high quality

Leather is no longer just a side product for meat and cheese production. 40 percent of all slaughters are used exclusively for leather production. The GROUNDIES® leather models, however, are made from high-quality cow and goat leathers which come from Spain and Portugal, where the shoes are also produced. That way, we make sure that no animals are bred solely for leather production by our company.

Goatskin Leather

Goatskin leather is considered the highest quality leather type and is demanding in processing. Goatskin leather is particularly thin and light, but also very robust, tear- and windproof. Ideal for our barefoot shoes. We use goat leather for the Ibiza and Milano, for example.

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide is a very stable and tough leather. As a result, it is perfect especially for our autumn and winter styles, which have to withstand heavy use due to weather conditions.

Our vegan materials

Our vegan barefoot shoe model Sydney is made of very soft imitation leather, which comes very close to real leather in look and feel. It is very elastic, robust and breathable. The Tokyo is made of light and airy mesh material.

The inner life of your GROUNDIES®

The inner lining is made of high-quality microfibre. So the shoe feels soft and does not chafe. The material is non-slip and ensures that the foot does not slip back and forth in the shoe.