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Sustainable production

The manufacture of products often puts pressure on people and the environment. It is often the case that dangerous pollutants are emitted into the environment and workers are not paid or treated fairly. But not so with GROUNDIES®. We take responsibility: our shoes are sustainably produced under sound economic, ecological and social conditions.

Guaranteed long-lasting

Longevity is one of the key points of sustainability. That's why we manufacture our barefoot shoes for maximum durability. Our super-flexible barefoot soles, based on innovative TrueSense® technology, are as abrasion-resistant as shoes can get. This means you can enjoy your GROUNDIES® for a long time and hardly any microplastics are released into the environment. We trust our soles completely. That's why you get to enjoy a 3-year warranty covering sole punctures during normal use.

Sustainable materials

For all GROUNDIES®, we use materials of the highest quality, which are carefully matched to the respective purpose of the shoe: we use leather from Europe as well as high-quality and robust vegan upper materials. Through clever and responsible production planning, we avoid many waste materials.


We are proud of the fact that our shoes are manufactured entirely in the EU. These short transport routes minimise harmful CO2 emissions and make the supply chains transparent. New prototypes are designed in the company's own development centre in Freiburg im Breisgau. The typical GROUNDIES® sole is produced in the traditional shoe metropolis of Pirmasens. In our shoe production site in Portugal, the soles and upper are sewn together by hand.

We create fair jobs

The social component of our production chain is of particular importance to us. After all, our shoes are created by people, for people. We offer our employees long-term jobs with fair pay, optimal working conditions, and opportunities for further training. We follow up with them at regular intervals, to ensure their satisfaction.

General responsibility

As a team, we work on a daily basis to minimise our ecological barefoot footprint even further - starting, of course, with ourselves. To enable our employees to get to work in an environmentally friendly way, we provide modern and efficient e-bikes and e-scooters. Our company goal is to manufacture our GROUNDIES® in a completely CO2-neutral way. With a view to achieving this milestone, we support "Plant-for-the-Planet". For each order we receive, we plant a tree in cooperation with the organisation. You can read more about "Plant-for-the-Planet" here.

Step by step, to reach our goal

Here at GROUNDIES®, we believe that the conservation of nature, economic performance, and social responsibility are inseparable. Full of passion, dedication and foresight, we design products that help to secure a sustainable livelihood for future generations. That's why we carefully consider our production processes, down to the very last detail. In this way, we ensure that we minimise stress on the environment, helping to protect a world in which we can continue to walk barefoot for many years to come.

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