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Sustainable production

Digital Design

GROUNDIES® are designed using 3D technology in a digital workflow. This enables us to work creatively and saves time and money when compared to conventional methods. From the digital drafts, we first make samples and then the lasts for the shoe, as it eventually goes into production.

"Made in Germany" - The GROUNDIES® Barefoot Sole

The characteristic GROUNDIES® soles are made in Pirmasens, a traditional centre of the shoemaking trade in Germany. The GROUNDIES® barefoot sole is thin, light and flexible. It provides excellent protection from the elements and injuries. It is non-slip, abrasion-resistant and offers a secure grip on many surfaces.

Top Quality Shoemaking

The finished GROUNDIES® barefoot soles are shipped to our shoe factory in Portugal, where our shoes are manufactured by hand. Each shoe requires many steps, all kinds of machines, traditional craftsmanship and many years of experience in the shoemaking trade.

We are proud of the fact that our shoes are entirely manufactured in the EU. For all GROUNDIES® we use highest quality materials, perfectly suited for the respective purpose of the shoe: Leather from Europe as well as high-quality and robust vegan upper materials.

The first step is to cut the uppers and sew them into the shaft. A thin sole is then attached to the upper from below. This technique guarantees that the finished shoe is very flexible and fits perfectly on the foot. Now the shoe is pulled over the last. The outsole is glued on and fixed with a frame seam.

Numerous individual steps and the seamless interaction of man and machine are necessary to create your perfect pair of GROUNDIES®.

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