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That is why GROUNDIES® keep your feet warm, even in winter

That's why GROUNDIES® keep your feet warm, even in winter

That's why GROUNDIES® keep your feet warm, even in winter

Are you wondering how you can enjoy the unique comfort of GROUNDIES® even in winter? After all, barefoot running is always associated with summer and warmth - no one wants to freeze. But did you know that in barefoot shoes your feet naturally create a comfortable climate, even on frosty days? How? Find out in this article!

Why do people get cold feet?

Freezing is essentially your body's survival mechanism: when the outside temperatures drop, your body needs to protect your vital internal organs from the cold. This is why it first constricts the blood vessels in the outermost limbs - the hands and feet. The result? These parts of the body become cold.

GROUNDIES® Meribel Women
GROUNDIES® Toulouse Mid GS1 Women

Moisture increases shivering

As well as cold temperatures, moisture can also cause cold feet. In waterproof winter boots, your feet sweat easily and condensation cannot escape. Thickly lined boots can store heat that is already present, but cannot generate heat on their own. That's why we focus on leather and textile shoes, which are water-repellent to a certain degree due to the combination of high-quality upper and inner materials. This causes water and dirt to roll off the surface. However, these shoes are still highly breathable.

Thick soles for extra warmth?

The soles of our GROUNDIES® are super flat and especially thin. This allows you to feel the ground more intensely step by step than with conventional shoes. Unfortunately, cold is also part of it. The better the insulation between your body and the outside world, the less heat your body will lose. But simply giving up the liberating feeling of going barefoot and resorting to winter shoes with thick padded soles is the wrong way to go. In fact, our wide-cut barefoot shoes are better at keeping your feet warm than regular cut shoes. Shoes that are too tight can actually make you feel even colder! They press on the nerves and blood vessels and thus hinder the supply of warmth, as the foot muscles cannot be sufficiently exercised: this means that the foot cools down.

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How does warming-up work in barefoot shoes?

You know the phenomenon: a winter walk keeps you nice and warm, but as soon as you stop, your feet freeze. This is because exercise is known to stimulate circulation. GROUNDIES® give your feet much more room to move than ordinary shoes. The ergonomic shape and ultra-flexible sole give your feet a barefoot range of motion. This promotes the musculature of the entire foot and stimulates blood circulation. Your feet feel pleasantly warm. Authentic perception of the uneven ground beneath your feet also acts like a massage for the underside of your foot, providing an extra dose of warmth. So even in winter you don't have to give up that authentic barefoot feeling. Your body regulates its temperature all by itself.

Standing activities

Unfortunately, you can't always move your feet as agilely as you'd like at work. Maybe your job requires you to sit or stand for a long time. This means that your foot muscles are not being used enough to generate sufficient heat. But for this problem we have the perfect solution! If your movement is restricted, you can confidently fall back on thermal insoles from GROUNDIES®. They provide good insulation while maintaining sensory feedback.

Extra warm barefoot models

If you don't want to miss out on softly lined winter boots in the latest designs, we have several highlights for you:

With our unisex Manchester boot, you can experience all-day barefoot comfort and warmth in one. This visual highlight is lined with high-quality lambswool, which keeps your feet super warm even when they are not actively moving.

Every year our best-selling ladies' boot Alaska proves how much warmth a barefoot shoe can offer. Lined with pure virgin wool, it guarantees cuddly warm feet without compromises.

The Astana is also a real highlight, giving both men and women especially warm feet with just the right barefoot factor. To ensure that you can run barefoot quickly while remaining nice and warm, the Astana features a practical zip fastening.

There is no bad weather, only bad shoes

All our models have an especially robust and non-slip sole that features TrueSense® technology, making them perfect for winter. GROUNDIES® allow you to walk through the snow as if you were barefoot while remaining nice and warm. Try them out for yourself! With our winter barefoot shoes, you can stay protected and rediscover the winter wonderland outdoors with every step.

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