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GROUNDIES® Kopenhagen

Thin, flexible and built to last:

The TrueSense® barefoot sole!

The sole is an essential element of a barefoot shoe. It should be as thin and as flexible as possible. That way, your feet will enjoy complete freedom of movement, as close as possible to walking barefoot. At the same time, the sole has to protect the feet against the ground and the weather.

Not an easy task, which is why at GROUNDIES® we have invested a lot of time and energy in the development of our barefoot soles. The effort was eventually worth it, because the final result is more than convincing: With the TrueSense® sole, which is built into all GROUNDIES®, we have succeeded in creating the ideal barefoot sole.

The sole was developed by experts in Pirmasens, a traditional centre of the shoemaking trade in Germany, and is still manufactured there. With only 3.3mm thickness and 3mm tread it is extremely thin. This way it provides full barefoot feeling and contact to the ground with every single step.

We use lightweight TPU as our material, which combines all the advantages of plastic and rubber. It does not need any plasticizers and is completely free of harmful substances. The material is particularly light, flexible and non-slip. In addition, it is about six times more resistant to abrasion than conventional soft PVC. This makes the sole extremely durable and hard-wearing. We are 100% convinced that wearing through the sole is impossible. That is why from now on we give you a 3-year warranty on your TrueSense® barefoot sole.

GROUNDIES® Kopenhagen
GROUNDIES® Kopenhagen

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