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Women´s barefoot boots

Multifunctional women's boots: Boots - or high boots - are classically shoes with a shaft that ends at least above the ankle. Our range includes lightweight women's boots in different styles and for different occasions, such as stylish Chelsea boots or outdoor boots for all kinds of weather. All of them offer special comfort paired with genuine barefoot feeling.

Experience the Groundies barefoot feeling with a special streetstyle look. Our comfortable barefoot shoes are your perfect companion, even when the days get colder. You feel one with the ground and experience the world in a very special way.

Urban style, riding look or casual

Groundies is the right choice when looking for stylish, eye-catching leather boots for more than one season. Find the perfect boots that match your identity. Barefoot shoes don´t just take you through summer but our ankle boots will also keep you trendy and warm in winter. What about wearing boots to the office or on a shopping spree? Have a look at our barefoot boots in classic riding design. Authentic shoes are the perfect fit for every lifestyle.

We have the perfect barefoot shoes for every occasion. Elegant ballerinas, casual sneakers, outdoor shoes for hiking or sandals for hot summer days.

Boots with the anatomical toe box

The TrueSense® soles are the heart of our Groundies shoes and stand for sensitivity and flexibility. Our women's barefoot boots give you unparalleled sensory feedback. You can enjoy this exclusive walking experience in our models with a wide toe box. All our models have been designed to fit the natural anatomy of your feet bearing in mind their biomechanical properties. This way you can enjoy barefoot comfort, an enhanced sense of well-being and individual freedom for your toes.

Women´s barefoot boots with regular toe box

Individuality is key at Groundies. We offer our lightweight TrueSense® soles also for women's barefoot boots. Enjoy every step in the guise of "conventional shoes" paired with a genuine barefoot feeling.

You can test your Groundies indoors and outdoors for 14 days. If you are not satisfied, you can simply return them and you´ll get your money back. We offer a 3-year guarantee against sole wear.

We care about high quality. That's why all our shoes are made by hand and in a climate-neutral way.