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GROUNDIES® Universe X Ben Hübsch


Runs true to size.
Ready for shipping.

  • GROUNDIES® barefoot sneaker Universe
  • Anatomical toe box: foot-friendly, wider fit in the toe area
  • Zero drop and neutral footbed
  • Upper in soft cowhide
  • Allergy-friendly, high-quality lining made of chrome-free leather
  • TrueSense® GS1 sole with 3 mm base and 3.9 mm tread
  • Flexible, non-slip, abrasion resistant
  • Made in EU: sole from Germany, produced in Portugal
  • 25,- EUR of each sale of Universe x Ben Hübsch will go to a charity organisation in Freiburg
  • Size note: This model runs true to size

    Universe Walk this way.

    Walk this way, walk a way of your own - our new Universe from the creative vein of Freiburg artist and professor Ben Hübsch, shows with color diversity and material mix once again that every path has its own unique sound. Thereby this barefoot sneaker moves between departure and individuality, old familiar form and new meaning without losing sight of its proven Groundies values.

    We offer free returns within US, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    You should treat your leather shoes with care. Leather shouldn´t be cleaned with cleaning supplies and needs to be moisturized constantly. We recommend treatment with simple wax or a leather care product from our accessories.

Product number: GND-120170-22-H

We believe in the special experience our shoes offer. That's why you can test them for 14 days indoors and outdoors.

Groundies lets you experience how real barefoot feeling and style
can be combined beyond compare and expectations.

We firmly believe in this.

If you aren´t satisfied,
you can simply return them and get your money back.

Return options Groundies Feel Good Promise

You can return any Groundies you have purchased in our online shop,
if you are not satisfied with them, within 14 days of receipt
(date of dispatch) or return them to the place you
purchased them. In this case, we will refund the purchase price even
if the shoes have been worn during this period.

Variant: multicolor
The colorful is of course not everyone's thing but I like it very much. The colors also come out great.
Variant: multicolor
Sind coole Schuhe aber ich hätte gerne die Option anders farbige Schnürsenkel dazu zu bestellen weil ich finde die passen nicht so gut dazu. Sonst Top!