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GROUNDIES® Tegernsee Women


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Resilient suede leather
Robust eyelets
Ankle padding

  • Groundies Barefoot Shoe Tegernsee
  • Anatomical toe box: foot-friendly, wider fit in the toe box
  • Zero-drop heel and neutral foot bed
  • High-quality suede leather upper
  • Interior lined with nicki-like fabric
  • TrueSense® GX1 sole with 4.0 mm base and 4.5 mm profile
  • Laces adapt to wearer‘s calves
  • Wide shaft make boot easy to put on/take off
  • Flexible, slip- and abrasion-resistant
  • Made in Portugal
  • Climate neutral offset
  • Size note: This model is true to size

    Sturdy and comfortable, our Tegernsee model is your ticket to fun in the outdoors. Robust eyelets and soft ankle padding give this barefoot outdoor shoe an exceptionally good fit even on rough trails. Durable suede leather and velvety lining are practical features not only for leisurely walks, but also for brief forays out on the hiking trail.


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Product number: GND-110137-04-H

We believe in the special experience our shoes offer. That's why you can test them for 14 days indoors and outdoors.

Groundies lets you experience how real barefoot feeling and style
can be combined beyond compare and expectations.

We firmly believe in this.

If you aren´t satisfied,
you can simply return them and get your money back.

Return options Groundies Feel Good Promise

You can return any Groundies you have purchased in our online shop,
if you are not satisfied with them, within 14 days of receipt
(date of dispatch) or return them to the place you
purchased them. In this case, we will refund the purchase price even
if the shoes have been worn during this period.

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Variant: black
These are my third pair of barefoot shoes (and third from Groundies, after Relax and Odessa). I have rather average wide, medium volume feet. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and walk 8-10k steps daily (nothing unusual for a Stockholm inhabitant, I would say), spend weekends outdoors. I wore these shoes as my only pair for last 3 weeks. They arrived in time for an early, but intensen snowfall, so I had a chance to test them both in autumn and winter conditions :) Pros: - they are soft and comfortable - needed 15 minutes of walking to adjust, no blisters or hurt feet at any point - once I figured out how to lace them, they have a really good fit - the sole performs quite well on wet leaves, gravel, some types of snow (not that great when everything is frozen or slushy, but not many soles do perform then) - I can wear them with comfort to around 0C degrees (tried even around -8C with double thin merino socks, but are okay for max. an hour of walking) - they are pretty and style well with my wardrobe Cons: - quite narrow in the beginning - even though they are comfy, they don't have a full barefoot feeling - probably not the best choice for wider feet - I may have not enough space with thick socks - suede leather boots aren't the most resitant outdoor option (I bought them more for day-to-day use, don't plan longer hikes in them, so it was a conscious decision, but I always have a bit of struggle when someone advertise suede leather as perfect match for outdoor activities) Overall, these are a good choice for someone with slim-average feet, for mixed use (a bit in the city, lighter and shorter outdoor activities in dry weather), who is not fully transitioned to barefoot :)