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1. WARUM SIND DEINE FÜSSE WICHTIG? Was genau tun deine Füße für dich? Das erste, was du vielleicht nicht weißt, ist, wie viel unter der Oberfläche pass ...

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Groundies is climate neutral!

Groundies is climate neutral!


Sustainable, fair, environmentally friendly - that is our brand philosophy.

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Ciao Bella! Delightfully beautiful ballerina


Dreamlike comfort: with Bella you'll feel like you're walking on air. This ballerina adds a feminine touch to any comfortable look.

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Leading edge and minimalism: The barefoot leather sneaker Monaco GS1

Leading edge and minimalism: The barefoot leather sneaker Monaco GS1


Finest minimalism: The new Monaco GS1 is casual and classy at the same time. The fine leather and ultra-thin sole ensure feeling lightweight.

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That is why GROUNDIES® keep your feet warm, even in winter

That is why GROUNDIES® keep your feet warm, even in winter


Are you wondering how you can enjoy the unique comfort of GROUNDIES® even in winter? After all, barefoot running is always associated with summer and warmth - no one wants to freeze.

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GROUNDIES x PARK Barefootwear

Catch GROUNDIES® in many new PARK Barefootwear stores now throughout Germany


Would you like to test GROUNDIES® on varied barefoot paths? Get competent advice during your purchase? No longer wait for your delivery? Then stop by the new PARK Barefootwear stores!

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Groundies wins the USABILITY AWARD 2020

Groundies wins the USABILITY AWARD 2020


The Groundies online shop has been up and running for barely a year now, and we have just been awarded the Shop Usability Award 2020 in the "Wellness, Beauty and Health" category...

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How to take care of your GROUNDIES® in autumn


This should also apply to your shoes. If you take good care of your GROUNDIES® you will not only enjoy the protected barefoot feeling longe...

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Barefoot for deceleration


Get up, take a shower, go to work, eat something fast on the way. Family, friends and associations: ..

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Prevent foot malpositions with GROUNDIES®

Barefoot shoes in case of foot malpositions


When you think of unhealthy shoes, pointy high heels might come to mind. But that's just the worst case ...

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GROUNDIES® Store Cologne

New in Cologne: The first GROUNDIES® Store worldwide


Here we go: In Cologne we have just opened the first GROUNDIES® store worldwide...

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Find GROUNDIES® in store now: PARK barefootwear in Lüneburg


We have been asked many times, and the time has finally come: GROUNDIES® can now be purchased "offline" too...

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Wellness for feet, body and soul


The current situation with Covid-19 has had a considerable impact on everyday life for most of us. Familiar habits and activities have come to a halt, and it is by no means easy for all of us to cope with this transition...

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GROUNDIES Sydney Women

Of course you can wear your GROUNDIES® with socks


Barefoot shoes and socks – a recurring topic that inevitably leads to misunderstandings and queries. So let's get it straight from the start: of course you can wear your GROUNDIES® with socks...

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GROUNDIES Barefoot shoes and flexibility

Barefoot shoes and flexibility: why it is so important and how we provide it


Many traditional shoes limit your freedom of movement and therefore the natural function of the foot as it goes through its sequence of movements ...

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GROUNDIES® Sneak-Preview

Sneak Preview SS20: Spring is set to be colourful


Today we will be giving you a little taste of our new Spring/Summer Collection. What can we reveal? It's going to be colourful!

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GROUNDIES® sensory feedback

Connected with the environment: sensory feedback


We understand the term "sensory feedback" as referring to information that is transmitted from the feet to the brain. The soles of our feet are of a similar level of sensitivity and complexity as the palms of our hands ...

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GROUNDIES® Kopenhagen

Keeping your feet firmly on the ground: Zero drop


A feature that distinguishes barefoot shoes from "normal" shoes is the thin and completely flat sole. Barefoot shoes deliberately skip the heel drop ...

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GROUNDIES® rainproof

Make your GROUNDIES® rainproof!


During a rainy winter like this one, we come to realize that our shoes have to endure a lot. We are often asked about how to properly protect and care for GROUNDIES® ...

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GROUNDIES® Liverpool brown

Yellow Boot - the fashion icon becomes a barefoot shoe


Originating from the outdoor scene, the Yellow Boot has become an indispensable part of city life. Now the street style classic is finally available as a barefoot shoe ...

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Will barefoot shoes keep my feet warm in winter?


On our social media channels and in customer service, we frequently get asked whether GROUNDIES® barefoot shoes keep the feet warm enough in winter ...

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GROUNDIES® TrueSense® Barfußsohle

Thin, flexible and built to last: The TrueSense® barefoot sole


The sole is an essential element of a barefoot shoe. It should be as thin and as flexible as possible. That way, your feet will enjoy complete freedom of movement, as close as possible to ...

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Minimalist style meets natural way of walking


Clean and reduced - the white sneaker is a true style icon. With the new Kopenhagen the classic is finally available as a barefoot shoe. The Kopenhagen is made in our shoe factory in Portugal. We use locally sourced high-quality leather ...

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Urban and versatile: Our barefoot ankle boot Montreal


The Montreal is our barefoot ankle boot. It is made of super soft leather and gently hugs your feet. The shoe is simple yet very distinctive. Finally a barefoot shoe, which goes perfectly ...

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Alaska – perhaps the warmest barefoot shoe to date


All barefoot shoe enthusiasts with chronically cold feet can now breathe a sigh of relief: With the GROUNDIES® Alaska we are launching perhaps the warmest barefoot shoe ever ....

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Stay stylish: Here is Milano!


The barefoot leather lace-up boot Milano impresses both with looks and functionality and ...

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Groundies Kopenhagen

This is our barefoot sneaker Kopenhagen!


The first styles for the cooler autumn days are waiting for you! Available in four different colours, made of leather or vegan materials. Modern and hip as the centre of Denmark ...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear Wellness Programme

Wellness programme for your GROUNDIES®:
Top tips for looking after your shoes


Your barefoot shoes are exposed to a variety of stresses, especially in autumn and winter. Cold, moisture and mud can really give them a hard time. Your shoes reliably carry you through daily life, so they...

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Bring on autumn: The Portobello!


The days are getting shorter and temperatures cooler. But that's no reason to be gloomy! GROUNDIES® let you enjoy that barefoot feeling even in autumn...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear autumn and winter

Keeping your feet warm - barefoot shoes in autumn and winter


Barefoot running in summer - obviously not a problem. Now that autumn is officially here, however, the question is: "Don't you get cold feet in barefoot shoes if...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear Sydney

In the heart of the city: The Sydney


Urban Barefootwear. Minimalist shoes for urban life. When wearing the GROUNDIES® Sydney, you will move over asphalt as naturally and easily as when you're barefoot ...

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What even are barefoot shoes?


As you write to us, whether via e-mail or our social media channels, we keep seeing the same questions and misunderstandings regarding barefoot shoes...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear Ibiza

Make your day-to-day sparkle:


The Ibiza clearly proves that barefoot shoes and fashion are not mutually exclusive. Thanks to their metallic look in silver...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear: The Creation

Loving attention to detail:
That's the key to creating GROUNDIES® barefoot shoes.


In our video you can see the essential steps that we work through to produce GROUNDIES® barefoot shoes...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes: Where our photos come from


GROUNDIES® should be there for you, whatever life throws your way. For many of us, life now means living in an urban environment. The goal when developing GROUNDIES®...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear Tokio

So simple, so barefoot: The Tokio


Allow us to present the Tokio: the barefoot version of the classic fabric lace-up shoe. Casual, timeless and suitable for almost any occasion. Simply slip them on and get going...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear materials

Light, long-lasting, barefoot - more about out materials


The purpose of barefoot shoes is to allow our feet their natural freedom of movement while still keeping them safe. This makes certain demands of the materials...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear - Barefoot Shoes

How to switch to barefoot shoes


If you haven't walked in barefoot shoes regularly before, your feet and toes will first need to slowly get used to the new feeling. Barefoot shoes feel different...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear - Barefoot Shoes

GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear – barefoot shoes for daily life


Walking barefoot feels amazing and it's healthy, no doubt about it. It's easy to run into unpleasant obstacles in cities, however. Glass fragments...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear - Barefoot Shoes

Three great reasons to wear barefoot shoes


Experience has shown that many newcomers to the concept of 'barefoot shoes' have a lot of questions: surely the words...

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GROUNDIES® Urban Barefootwear - plant-for-the-planet

Help us: Planting trees to fight climate change


A new study published recently has been making headlines: planting trees is the most effective method of fighting...

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