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Shipping and Payment

Credit cards:

We accept Mastercard, VISA and American Express from the following countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, France, Denkmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Luxemburg, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

The contract is concluded upon debit from credit card.

Debit from your credit card takes place as follows:
Upon your order your data are being sent via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to our liquidator of credit cards. We are at no time able to see your total credit card data.

3D Secure
The security standard 3D Secure is an authentification method minimizing fraud risks in e-commerce and becoming more and more popular. This information only concerns your if your are holding a 3D Secure-capable credit card.

If you are already registrated as credit card holder, a web page will be displayed during your order process while effecting payment (step 4) asking you to enter your password. Payment can only be executed with this password.

If you have not yet registrated at 3D Secure and do not hold a password, you can either assign a passwort for you on your bank's web page (and memorize or note it for future orders - also in other shops with 3D Secure processing), or you can cancel the process without hesitation. Payment will be executed nonetheless and you can finalize your order. However, this only applies to the case you do NOT yet have a password assigned at that moment.

For MasterCard, this solution is called "MasterCard Secure Code", for Visa "Verified by Visa".
Prepayment (bank transfer in advance):
You will receive an e-mail with our bank details and all information needed for bank transfer. Wares will be ready for dispatch immediately after payment receipt.

Please pay attention to the reason for payment (your reference number) when doing the bank transfer. Without this reference, delays in attributing your transfer and in forwarding your merchandise may occur.

Possible transfer fees (for prepayments) for foreign customers (outside Germany) are for the buyer's account. In case you have few experience with foreign transfer, please contact your bank for assistance.

Inside the Euro-zone, transfers using IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes are exempt from charges and executed within two working days at the most. Please make sure to indicate the order amount in Euros so that the total amount can be credited. In case of doubt please contact your bank.

Bank Details:

IBAN: DE42664900000070024390
Volksbank Offenburg


What is "Sofortüberweisung"?
"Sofortüberweisung" is an easy-to-use direct transfer procedure on the high security standard of online banking and TÜV-certified Data protection. The end user does not have to register or register a Top up your interim account or have a credit card. About the provides a secure payment form which is not accessible to traders "Sofortüberweisung" and transfer it in real time to the consumer online banking account. The purchase amount is credited directly to the the merchant's bank account is transferred - the merchant immediately receives an Confirmation.

What advantages do I have if I pay with "Sofortüberweisung"?
In particular you can count on shorter or immediate delivery time of your supplier, since the supplier receives a confirmation immediately after effected "Sofortüberweisung". You pay simply, directly and securely in the online shop with your online banking data. Here you can see how quickly and easily you can pay with "Sofortüberweisung".

How secure is "Sofortüberweisung"?
"Sofortüberweisung" is one of the most secure payment methods on the Internet. Thanks to its secure online banking systems (PIN/TAN), "Sofortüberweisung" in particular provides maximum protection against data or identity theft. Data protection is continuously checked and certified by TÜV. There has been no case of fraud (PIN and TAN theft) against end customers since the company was founded.

Debit cards (Carte Bleue):

We accept the French debit card "Carte Bleue".

The contract is concluded upon debit from debit card.

Debit from your debit card takes place as follows:
Upon your order your data are being sent via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to our liquidator of debit cards. We are at no time able to see your total debit card data.

In the moment of order a reservation of the order amount on your debit card is being made. This reservation will only be used upon processing of the invoice respectively upon despatch of your merchandise. Your debit card will only be debitted with the amount indicated on the invoice. This also means for example that in case of partial delivery, several debits will take place.