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Women’s barefoot sports shoes

Follow nature's movements with Groundies barefoot sports shoes. Whether running, walking or jumping, your Groundies women's barefoot shoes will make you feel confident and at ease - while providing maximum flexibility and lightness. Have fun and stay healthy while doing sports and discover the most beautiful and natural way of moving around: barefoot walking.

A benefit for a healthy lifestyle and well-being

Barefoot shoes: More and more female athletes are discovering them and their versatile features. Barefoot shoes help you build muscles, provide the perfect contact with the ground and increase your running performance. Especially if you run long distances or are generally out and about for long periods of time, barefoot shoes unfold their benefits. Our women's barefoot sports shoes actively help prevent pressure points and blisters, as walking barefoot applies an even load to the feet, resulting in an even callus. The thin sole and flexible shape of your barefoot sports shoes will not only strengthen your feet but your calf, thigh and buttock muscles as well. Your sense of balance will improve due to the higher sensory feedback provided by the barefoot shoes leading to a lower risk of stumbling. Moreover they will help you train more effectively, especially in endurance sports and weight training.

Natural strength with women's barefoot sports shoes

Barefoot shoes help you build a solid basis for a naturally strong body as barefoot sports shoes encourage muscles, ligaments and tendons to perform the function that nature intended for them - that is, to support movements and cushion the body weight. Of course, you will need some time to get used to it, because the muscles, the backbone of a strong body, are strained more intensely and in a different way by walking barefoot and have to get used to the new routine first. For useful tips on how to switch in a healthy, safe and comfortable way you should read our magazine article on „Switching to barefoot shoes“.

Groundies women´s barefoot sports shoes

Groundies barefoot sports shoes are suited for a variety of different sports. The soles of our Groundies barefoot sports shoes are slip- and abrasion resistant providing a good grip while exercising. Further benefits include removable insoles for an individual fit, heel and tongue loops to make it easier to slip the shoes on and off with a comfortable, foot-friendly cut. Some models are waterproof for outdoor adventures and have a multi-terrain, slip-resistant sole to suit a variety of different grounds. Many of our women's sports barefoot shoes are also vegan, which means they are produced without materials of animal origin. Groundies is committed to climate protection and compensates for the CO2 emissions resulting from production and transport.