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Vegan men´s barefoot shoes

Groundies also has a selection of vegan barefoot shoes to offer to vegans who don't want to compromise on their lifestyle. We completely do without components of animal origin in our shoe-production. Animal welfare, foot health and trendy footwear are not a contradiction - Groundies would like to provide proof of this with its vegan barefoot shoes.

Experience the genuine feel of Groundies barefoot shoes without having to worry about doing harm to people or nature. Our shoes guarantee the highest level of comfort, protection and durability and are handmade in a climate- and environmentally friendly way in selected factories within the EU (Portugal). Last but not least, our holistic approach sets us apart and makes Groundies a leading supplier of barefoot shoes throughout Germany.

Groundies´ vegan barefoot shoes – a real treat for your feet

The health of your feet can benefit significantly from wearing our vegan men's barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoes imitate walking barefoot, which has a positive effect on the feet, but also on the internal organs. Foot problems as well as muscular tension and the resulting pain can be prevented, relieved or even completely eliminated when wearing barefoot shoes.

Vegan shoes for men made of various materials in different styles

Our vegan barefoot shoes for men are available in different styles. There are shoes that are antibacterial and machine-washable, made from recycled cotton or vegan Vegea, a high-tech organic-based material derived from oils and lignocellulose found in grape pomace.

Have a look at the Groundies True Star Low Vegan Men with a trendy retro look, featuring a wide toe box for a foot-friendly fit, side eyelets for increased ventilation and an inner lining made of breathable microfibre. These men's shoes are flexible, abrasion- and slip-resistant and of course made in the EU. Or check out our sporty Greenwich Vegan Men made from vegan textile leather and an extra-soft terry lining. The stylish sneakers have a hard-wearing upper material as well as a foot-friendly cut that makes for comfort and a very good feel with every step.

Our TrueSense®-sole for more comfort and easy walking

An essential element of every Groundies shoe is our innovative TrueSense® sole developed for a feather-light walking experience and maximum sensory feedback. While the sole perfectly protects you from sharp objects and other elements, your walking experience will be very similar to the natural barefoot feeling.