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Size Guide

The indicated measurements refer to the inside length of the shoe.
The width of the shoes is unrelated to men and women models.


23,5 cm9,0 cm363,56
24,1 cm9,2 cm3747
24,8 cm9,3 cm3857,5
25,5 cm9,5 cm3968
26,1 cm9,6 cm4079
26,8 cm9,8 cm41810
27,5 cm10,1 cm428,511
28,1 cm10,3 cm43911,5


26,1 cm9,6 cm4067
26,8 cm9,8 cm4178
27,5 cm10,1 cm4289
28,1 cm10,3 cm43910
28,8 cm10,5 cm441011
29,5 cm10,6 cm451112
30,1 cm10,8 cm4611,512,5
30,8 cm10,9 cm471213

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