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How to Properly Measure Your Feet

Alternatively, you can use our new third-party app, MySHOEFITTER, with your smartphone to find your correct size.
Simply click on the “Find your size” button, which is available on many of our shoes – and use artificial intelligence to measure your feet.

  • ¹ For sandals, you typically won’t need additional space, while ballerinas require very little, and sneakers and winter shoes may need a bit more.

  • Refer to the specific size charts for each product. Select the next larger size if you fall between two sizes.

  • Check for any recommendations under “Special features” that suggest a smaller or larger size and use that as your primary guide.

  • Keep in mind that shoe sizes can vary between brands, and even within our brand, there may be model-specific differences, so it's essential to double-check

The right size for kids shoes

With the help of our measuring template you can easily find the right shoe size for your child. Just print it out and get started!


    Groundies are true to size. If you lie between two sizes, you should choose the larger one, because barefoot shoes are meant to be a little looser. 12mm space in front of the toes is good to achieve an ideal barefoot feeling. As long as you do not slip out of the shoe and have good support in the midfoot area, the shoe should fit just fine. If you are still unsure, you can find our size chart here.

    To measure your foot size correctly, take a sheet of A4 paper, place it on the floor and place your foot on it. Draw the outline of your foot with a pencil. You can now easily measure the finished drawing from the big toe to the heel.

    Although Groundies look narrow, they are deliberately very wide-cut, especially in the forefoot area. They have an anatomically shaped toe box. The width to your shoe size can be found in our size chart.

    The difference between our women and men shoes consists only in the size. The women shoes vary from size 36 to 43 and men models from size 40 to 47. From size 40 to 43 we use a unisex form. So there is no difference in length and width between women and men models in the same size.

    The regular fit line is made for all those who prefer a narrower look in the toe area and yet do not want to miss out on the feel-good effect of the ultra-light and flexible TrueSense sole. Up to the toe area, the feeling of regular fit box and barefoot fit are identical. Only the outside on the side of the little toe has been given a narrower shape in the regular toe box.
    Customers with very narrow feet have also told us that they would prefer a narrower cut in order to get a firmer hold. In these cases, the regular fit offers enough space for the toes. Normal and slightly wider feet, however, will find the wide toe room for the full barefoot feeling with our barefoot fit.