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Beware of fake Groundies shops. This one's the real one!

TrueSense® Sole

You feel. Our sole.

At the heart of every Groundies is the revolutionary TrueSense® sole. Designed for a responsive walking experience, it ingeniously combines flexibility and durability in a featherweight all round package. TrueSense® technology allows a unique sensory experience that’s usually only found while walking completely barefooted. Once experienced, you won't want to take your Groundies off.

Feel everything

You'll feel so much more with a pair of Groundies than with conventional shoes. Each surface has its own peculiarity that you'll subtly notice while staying protected from the elements and sharp objects. When we say walking barefoot, it elaborates that extra attribute of sensing with your feet and naturally connecting with the earth.

Designed to feel

Our TrueSense® soles are appropriately thin and have no heel: in fact, they're so thin that the feet's delicate nerve cells pick up maximum feedback from the ground. The absence of midsole, heel and cushioning is deliberate: nothing gets in the way of the sensory experience of the pure and natural barefoot feeling with maximum comfort, protection, and durability.

Thin and completely flat, for a true barefoot feeling

Free from harmful substances and 100% recyclable


The ultimate goal of Groundies is to support the well-being of the body and mind. Our feet have countless nerve endings that constantly send information to the brain. This information supports a better understanding, perception, and orientation of our body in its environment. The body perceives the connection to the ground through the feet, which in turn strengthens physical understanding. The TrueSense® sole allows our feet to do the work they were created for. This can support good posture and stability, strengthen the calves and feet, and reduce the feeling of tired feet in the evening.