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GROUNDIES® Court Women


Runs true to size.
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Comfortable wearing experience
Inner lining made of chrome-free leather
Improved sole material

  • GROUNDIES® Court Trainers
  • Anatomical toe box: foot-friendly, wider fit in the toe area
  • Zero drop and a neutral footbed
  • Upper: Mix of smooth leather, suede and mesh
  • Inner lining made of chrome-free leather
  • Original TrueSense® GS1 sole with 3 mm base and 3.9 mm tread
  • Lightweight padding on the ankle and heel
  • Flexible, slip-proof and abrasion resistant
  • 3-year guarantee against wearing out of the sole
  • Made in EU
  • Climate-neutral production
  • Size note: This model runs true to size

    Court Barefoot Trainers

    The name says it all, as our Court refines the iconic design of classic tennis shoes to create sporty trainers. And Court is ace in many ways, with high-quality uppers, a comfortable cut, and the TrueSense® barefoot sole, making it a top performer.

    We offer free global shipping plus free returns within Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Product number: GND-110121-02-H

We believe in the special experience our shoes offer. That's why you can test them for 14 days indoors and outdoors.

Groundies lets you experience how real barefoot feeling and style
can be combined beyond compare and expectations.

We firmly believe in this.

If you aren´t satisfied,
you can simply return them and get your money back.

Return options Groundies Feel Good Promise

You can return any Groundies you have purchased in our online shop,
if you are not satisfied with them, within 14 days of receipt
(date of dispatch) or return them to the place you
purchased them. In this case, we will refund the purchase price even
if the shoes have been worn during this period.

( 2 )
Variant: white
At first these seemed really stiff out of the box (and they also had a weird smell) but even from the first wear they are the comfiest sneakers I have ever worn. It's wide enough for my feet and very flexible. The sole is really nice and thicker than many barefoot shoes (like vivos) which is nice because you can still feel the ground but it gives you a little bit more protection. Overall an amazing purchase though everyone's feet is different so it really depends! I measured my feet and added about 10mm which gave me a 40 and that worked perfectly. I used to wear a 39 in shoes but now wear a 40 in all barefoot shoes.
Variant: beige
Sehr schmal geschnitten,die Zehen haben keine Bewegungsfreiheit,ich habe einen normal breiten Fuß,auch nicht besonders atmungsaktiv,keine Löcher.