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GROUNDIES® Minimal soles for maximum freedom of movement

The TrueSense® barefoot soles

Flexible, light, sensitive.

With the TrueSense® sole, we have achieved a small revolution in the barefoot world. Maximum flexibility, lightness and durability are perfectly combined in our soles, giving you a lasting natural barefoot feeling.

What is special about our soles? Find out now!

A healthier and more upright walk

Our feet have a naturally strong arch. Too thick, stiff shoes that permanently support the muscles of the feet weaken your muscles. However, wearing thin and flexible shoes is the best way to maintain a healthy and naturally strong foot.

Flat and flexible for best proprioception

With our barefoot soles, we deliberately do not use springs and footbeds. The TrueSense® soles are completely flat, without raising the heel and without cushioning. Only a zero drop allows a healthy and upright posture. Thanks to the thin sole, an optimal proprioception can take place. This means that the nerve of your feet provide unrestricted sensory feedback to your brain. This way your body consciousness is strengthened.

Made in Germany

Our soles are manufactured in the shoe metropolis of Pirmasens. The city is known worldwide as Germanys shoe city. Traditional shoemaker craftsmanship and know-how have been home here for several generations.

GROUNDIES® Minimal soles for maximum freedom of movement

Durability guaranteed

For our barefoot soles we use light TPU, a form of thermoplastic polyurethane. This material combines all the advantages of plastic and rubber. Due to the manufacturing process, TPU is however much more efficient and slip-resistant than conventional PU. Additionally, our barefoot soles are extremely light and flexible giving you full freedom of movement with every step. We fully trust our TrueSense® sole that is why we grant a 3-year warranty against walking through, when used normally.


More and more micro plastics pollute our environment - and a big proportion of it comes from shoe industry. With conventional shoes, you give off harmful plastic particles to the environment with every step, but not with GROUNDIES ®! Our soles are as abrasion-resistant as shoes can be. Due to the special composition of the barefoot soles, there is hardly any environmental pollution.


Light TPU is free of pollutants and does not require plasticizers. If the shoes have done their job after a long time, the material is 100 percent recyclable. This makes the sole environmentally friendly and helps to conserve valuable resources.

Non-slip and safe

Another feature of LTPU is the special slip resistance with simultaneous flexibility. Even on smooth and wet surfaces, GROUNDIES® gives you a firm hold, so you are always protected, no matter the weather.

Ergonomically shaped for optimum comfort

Our barefoot shoes reflect the natural shape of the feet, allowing you to move as intended by nature. Thanks to the wide toe box, a larger muscle area use is required when walking than with conventional shoes. 

Various styles, on sole

With our versatile models, we have proven that barefoot does not have to be boring, but also a stylish eye catcher. We offer you even more variety of your barefoot feeling with our different soles.

The first developed TrueSense® barefoot sole has a base of 3.3 mm and a tread of 3 mm. With the innovative TrueSense® GS1 sole, we are expanding our style spectrum to give you even more choices. With a base of 3 mm and a tread of 3.9 mm, the TrueSense® GS1 sole gives you the same sensory feedback as the TrueSense® sole. The only difference is the design. Freedom of movement is guaranteed, no matter what sole you want to feel like barefoot in.

GROUNDIES® Minimal soles for maximum freedom of movement

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