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Barefoot sneakers for men

It's hard to imagine everyday life without sneakers as casual allrounders. Groundies is your shoe specialist when it comes to men's barefoot sneakers and demonstrates with its fresh and exciting designs that foot health, a conscious lifestyle and an appealing look are not a contradiction. Thanks to their soft, thin and flexible barefoot soles, our men´s sneakers offer the comfort of barefoot shoes wherever you go and are so lightweight that you hardly notice you´re wearing them. They improve your well-being, prevent foot problems and have a positive effect on your posture. Our sneaker collection includes models for leisure and business as well as classic leather and vegan barefoot shoes for men made of materials that are completely free of ingredients of animal origin.

Men´s barefoot sneakers – effectively preventing foot problems

Our feet carry us through our daily life - sometimes walking, sometimes running, uphill, downhill or climbing stairs - in small or large steps. With 26 bones and 33 joints per foot which are held together and moved by far more than 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles, our feet are functional masterpieces that are, however, exposed to particular strain and susceptible to problems, especially for us walking upright. This common vulnerability is exacerbated in modern human beings by the fact that we have become accustomed to wearing unhealthy footwear. As a result, foot problems are a widespread disease, with a good third of all adults suffering from. Barefoot shoes can prevent, alleviate or even eliminate many of these problems. Barefoot shoes imitate the natural way of walking barefoot, and strengthen muscles, tendons and the arch of the foot. In addition, they improve the blood circulation of feet and legs. The more direct contact with the ground, each foot has more than 1000 nerve endings, also results in a better communication of muscles and nerves which does not only improve foot health but also has a positive effect on our internal organs, our posture and our well-being in general.

Men´s sneakers for every occasion

Whether you're out with friends, going to the gym or looking for a sneaker for a casual business look, we´ve got you covered. Our mission is to offer sneakers allowing everyone to experience that unique feeling of walking barefoot, without compromising on style. On the contrary: our men´s barefoot sneakers, designed with an eye for details, are a real visual highlight and will make you look great at any occasion.

TrueSense®- our innovative soles for easy and relaxed walking

Each pair of our Groundies men's sneakers comes with our TrueSense® sole. This innovative sole protects your feet from sharp objects and other elements, while giving you a feather-light walking experience and an incredibly intense sensorial feeling.