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Barefoot ballet flats for women

Ballerinas are comfortable, elegant and graceful shoes. Our styles stand for easy slip-on, comfort and a sense of lightness. That makes them the ideal choice for carefree barefoot walking with a touch of glamour.

Our comfortable barefoot flats for women are your perfect companion in spring and summer. Walking barefoot without a heel is a pleasure. Go for timeless and elegant shoes on warm days. Dancing through the day in style and with ease.

Glamour and genuine barfoot feeling

Choose from a selection of boots, sandals, sneakers and other barefoot styles made by Groundies. Iconic Audrey Hepburn was deeply in love with her ballet flats. Enjoy the genuine Groundies barefoot feeling with a sense of glamour. Style with the benefits of barefoot walking, two features that will make you incomparably happy. Ballet flats are more elegant than sneakers, more comfortable than high heels and more graceful than boots.

Walking barefoot is a wonderful and natural way to get around. We would like you to enjoy this feeling at any time. The minimalistic TrueSense® sole is the essence of our shoes providing a sensitive and special running experience. The awesome sensory feedback connects you with the environment and your inner self. The light, flexible and durable TrueSense® sole will strengthen your feet and your posture can improve as well.