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Men’s barefoot sports shoes

Men's barefoot sports shoes allow you to move quickly and in a natural way so you don't have to worry about getting seriously injured thanks to our optimised non-slip TrueSense® barefoot sole. You will feel safe and confident while having maximum sensory feedback. Your sense of balance will improve, among other things, so barefoot shoes are the perfect choice for endurance sports and weight training.

A huge leap towards lightness and flexibility

Groundies men's barefoot sports shoes are so light and flexible, you will hardly notice you are wearing them. Thanks to their flexibility, your feet will no longer feel restricted when running. Blisters and pressure points are a thing of the past and the overall flow during sports will be enhanced. Barefoot shoes have a perfect contact with the ground increasing your running efficiency and making it easier for you to tackle different types of slopes. Discover the most beautiful and natural way of moving: walking barefoot.

Men´s barefoot sports shoes: More fun and enhanced health when doing sports

Barefoot shoes make doing sports more fun and healthier. Normal shoes do not only exert much stronger impact forces on the joints, they also neglect muscles, which are an important part of the natural musculoskeletal system. Barefoot sports shoes also help you to walk safely on uneven ground, because thousands of receptors and nerves on the soles of your feet provide your brain with feedback about the ground conditions thus reducing the risk of ankle injuries and preventing back and hip pain. At the same time, your calf, thigh and gluteal muscles as well as your feet are strengthened and your motor skills, sense of balance and stamina are enhanced. Of course, it will take some time to get used to the advantages of barefoot running. After all, your untrained muscles, ligaments and joints, often suffering from unhealthy strain, have to get used to this natural way of moving first. Find out how to switch to walking barefoot in a safe, healthy and comfortable way and read our magazine article on our website „Switching to barefoot shoes“.

Groundies men´s barefoot sports shoes

Groundies barefoot shoes impress with a variety of features and they are perfect for a wide range of sports. Some of our models for example, have a multi-terrain sole and are waterproof what makes them the perfect match for outdoor enthusiasts. Further highlights include, for example, heel and tongue loops for easy slip on and slip off, removable insoles for a perfect fit and a foot-friendly, comfortable cut. For those supporting a vegan lifestyle many of our products are made without materials of animal origin. Groundies cares about the environment and the climate and therefore we compensate for the CO2 emissions caused by transport and production.