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Ballet Flats for Kids

Discover the world in healthy steps with our Groundies barefoot ballet flats for kids! Our Groundies Kids collection offers the perfect balance of comfort, style, and foot health for the little ones. Our "Stella" model is a kids' barefoot shoe that impresses not only with its cool look but also with its practical features.

Thanks to its simple Velcro closure and the child-friendly marking of left and right on the sole, our barefoot ballet flats are particularly user-friendly for children. Safety is ensured by the strap, while the heel loop facilitates entry. The thin and flexible sole made of high-quality goat leather provides a soft and natural surface for the delicate feet of children.

Our model features an anatomical toe box that ensures a foot-friendly and comfortable fit in the toe area.

Invest in your child's foot health with our Groundies barefoot ballet flats for kids. With them, they can explore the world without worry while strengthening their foot muscles and promoting the natural development of their feet.