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Barefoot Shoes Women

With Groundies barefoot shoes for women you experience freedom and a completely natural walking feeling. All our models are minimalistic, flexible and absolutely comfortable. The thin and flexible barefoot sole offers your feet the necessary protection. So you are comfortable and stylish in all walks of life - whether leisure or business. In addition to leather models, the collection also includes many high-quality vegan shoes.
We love walking barefoot - the most natural and beautiful way to move. That's why we have made it our mission to make this special feeling tangible for everyone at all times.

Light, sustainable & stylish

The quintessence of our barefoot shoes is the minimalist TrueSense® sole. It's lightweight, flexible and durable. It can improve your posture and strengthen your feet. Enjoy the walking sensation and long-lasting comfort.

Our shoes are handmade from high-quality materials. They are developed further on a regular basis. Friends of walking barefoot have the choice between anatomically cut models with a slightly narrower, or wider toe box. Feel the flexibility, comfort and barefoot feel of our TrueSense® soles, with the fit of "traditional" shoes. Warmer days call for lightweight breathable shoes. Thus, you'll experience long-lasting comfort with a pleasant foot climate.

Your feedback counts and flows into the regular further development of our shoes. For us as a climate-neutral company, sustainable quality counts.

Barefoot sneakers for women, ballet flats, boots and more

Are you looking for stylish sneakers that give you all the benefits of our barefoot shoes? We have the perfect shoes for you in various colors, styles and soles. Find the ideal stylish and comfortable women's sneakers at Groundies. You have the choice from sneakers, ballet flats, booties, outdoor barefoot shoes and more.

Modern look with barefoot feeling

Are you looking for the new symbiosis of real barefoot feeling and a great modern look? "Nova" combines luxury with an aesthetic design and high-quality materials. Exclusive color selection with noble branding make your choice easy.

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