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Groundies GO1 - Original barefoot shoes for any occasion

Authentic barefoot shoes with style: Our minimalist Groundies Original (GO1) stand out with extra sensitivity.

Groundies original barefoot shoes (GO1) for any occasion

Minimalism can be individual and beautiful. The Groundies Original barefoot shoes are proof of this. They are the perfect shoes for all those who don't want to compromise on the authentic barefoot feeling but still want to wear barefoot shoes at work or in their free time. Each of our models is unique and designed with great attention to detail. The ultra-thin Groundies GO1 sole gives you maximum sensory feedback. At the same time, your foot is optimally protected. Discover our Groundies Original Barefoot Shoes (GO1) now and experience every detail of the ground again.

GO1 – for extra health and flexibility

Our original GO1 barefoot shoes have an extra-thin, flexible sole. This means your feet will no longer be restricted in their natural way of moving, which will strengthen the muscles of your feet and legs. Thanks to the sole and the lack of a heel, your feet can move as if you were barefoot. This will improve your posture and train your gait. Even low heels have an effect on the position of ankles, knees and hips and consequently of the whole body. Barefoot shoes make your steps more flexible, faster and smaller. You will no longer walk leaning back, but your body centre will be above your feet. It will take some time to get used to it, but in the long run your health will benefit. After all, walking barefoot is the natural way of moving our body is made for.

Original barefoot shoes: More freedom for your feet thanks to the wide toe box.

Another feature of original barefoot shoes like our GO1 is the wide toe box. It prevents the toes from being squashed. Almost all conventional shoes tend to narrow towards the front. However, this does not correspond to the natural anatomy of our feet which become wider towards the front. Original barefoot shoes take this into account and have a wider anatomical toe box allowing your toes to fan out with every step, just as if you were walking barefoot.

Sustainability and Groundies

Groundies is especially committed to sustainability. We care for people and the environment and we constantly try to optimise our production with regard to preserving resources. Our Groundies GO1 barefoot shoes are also available as vegan models - manufactured without any animal-based materials.

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