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Feel Your Nature

Barefoot walking is the purest and most original form of movement. Experience
now with every step, how the world opens up to you.

GROUNDIES® Feel Good Promise

We believe in the special experience our shoes offer.
That's why you can test them for 14 days indoors and outdoors.

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What makes GROUNDIES® unique?

Light and flexible

GROUNDIES® is an absolute light weight and is the exact right amount of shoe to give you the natural barefoot walking experience you need. The soles can be bent completely in every direction. The shoe should adapt to the feet, not the feet to the shoe. We fulfil this with carefully selected, high-quality materials, which we process by hand.


GROUNDIES® is based on the natural shape of the foot. Conventional shoes can lead to deformations of the feet and health problems in the long run. GROUNDIES® barefoot shoes however are anatomically shaped. In the wide toe box, your toes move freely and can even spread. You strengthen your feet muscles in the most natural way.

Flat and thin

Your body moves best naturally, which is barefoot. That’s why our TrueSense® sole gives you a barefoot feeling, like never before experienced in a shoe. It protects you from environmental influences and still lets you feel the ground. We are absolutely convinced of the quality of our sole and therefore give you a 3-year guarantee against running during normal use.

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