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Of course you can wear your GROUNDIES® with socks

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Barefoot shoes and socks – a recurring topic that inevitably leads to misunderstandings and queries. So let's get it straight from the start: of course you can wear your GROUNDIES® with socks.

As we see it, barefoot shoes stand out from traditional shoes because of their wide fit, especially in the toe box. They also have a thin, completely flat and extremely flexible sole and uppers made with lightweight, flexible materials.

The goal: you should hardly feel you have anything on your feet at all and enjoy a totally free feeling of movement with every step. These shoes are so comfortable to wear, they're the closest thing to walking barefoot you'll ever get from a shoe.

Whether you wear your barefoot shoes with or without socks is actually irrelevant and just a question of preference. There is naturally one condition, your socks must be neither too tight nor too small.

For reasons of hygiene, we tend to wear them with socks as they absorb perspiration and are easier to clean than the shoes themselves. In this way, you can protect both the insoles and the lining, thus ensuring that your GROUNDIES® stay in pristine condition for longer.

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GROUNDIES® premium socks

We especially recommend our GROUNDIES® premium socks: In classic black, thanks to the high-quality material mix of organic cotton and bamboo, they are superbly comfortable. The elastane content guarantees flexibility and a perfect fit.

Our GROUNDIES® premium socks are certified according to standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® and, just like our barefoot shoes themselves, are produced using sustainable methods in Portugal. We offer three different styles to choose from: Mid calf, shorties and ankle socks, perfect for trainers.

What's more: Our GROUNDIES® premium socks are currently available in a value pack. There is a 5% discount on 5 pairs and even 10% on 10 pairs. A great reason to stock up on socks now.

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