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GROUNDIES® Melbourne Barefoot+ Men


129,90 €
Runs true to size.
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Barefoot+ for barefoot enthusiasts
Upper made of high quality cowhide leather
Highest comfort

  • Groundies barefoot sneaker Melbourne black Barefoot +
  • Barefoot+: Wide toe box for extra space in the toe area
  • Zero heel and neutral footbed
  • Upper made of high quality leather
  • Soft OnSteam® lining made of breathable microfiber
  • TrueSense® GO1 sole with 3 mm base and 3.3 mm profile
  • Flexible, slip and abrasion resistant
  • Designed in Germany. Made in Portugal
  • Size note: This model runs true to size

    Maximum barefoot pleasure with our Melbourne black Barefoot +: Our popular barefoot sneaker is now also available in Barefoot +! The classy version in black, high-quality leather provides optimal, anatomical toe room with a wide toe box, while the thin and flexible sole creates plenty of natural barefoot feeling. The breathable OnSteam® microfiber lining is soft while supporting your healthy foot climate. Small, subtle but distinctive identifying feature: the tongue label in red.

    We offer free returns within Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    You should treat your leather shoes with care. Leather shouldn´t be cleaned with cleaning supplies and needs to be moisturized constantly. We recommend treatment with simple wax or a leather care product from our accessories.

Product number: GND-210183-01-H

Variant: black
Groundies’ barefoot+ has the best barefoot fit in the game. IN THE GAME! I’ve been wearing various barefoot shoes for casual and athletic purposes since 2009 and I’m telling you that no other brand’s toe-box I’ve come across (including the ones with individual toes) are truly generous enough for human toes. Particularly not if you’ve been wearing barefoot shoes for a while and your toes have spread out quite a bit already; your only option is usually to buy larger sizes to compensate for the toe box width, which means you’ll have to get shoes that are too long for your feet. Groundies’ barefoot+ are perfect in this regard. I can finally get a nice shoe with a great fit in my actual size! Other than that, the shoes are immaculate in beautiful leather and with a timeless design that makes them an absolute joy to own. My only gripe is that Groundies aren’t currently selling any sports shoes with the same barefoot+ fit. I would definitely replace all my casual and athletic shoes with those if they did.
Variant: black
Für mich der perfekte Schuh. Nicht zu förmlich aber auch nicht zu lotterig, so dass er auch im Kundenkontakt gut zu tragen ist. Ich hatte immer Probleme so einen Schuh zu finden, der auch noch weit genug für meine brieten Füße ist.