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All Terrain Low

Walk trails and hike with the ALL TERRAIN LOW! Be outdoors. Be healthy. Be real! Is your passion just to go out into the wilderness and start running? Then you can’t do without wearing the All Terrain Low. Its minimal weight and maximum grip on the terrain are two of its most important features. In addition, thanks to the TrueSense® outdoor sole and the wide toe box, the All Terrain Low also offers the full barefoot effect. For example, it supports your ability to recover, your body balance, and your natural posture in the best possible way. And just like the All Terrain High, this effect is combined with high quality and the best possible comfort. Accordingly, the All Terrain Low features a breathable upper, a heel loop for quickly putting it on or taking it off, and a removable insole for an even more customized fit.For all sports Running, hiking, CrossFit, yoga, basketball or slow walking – no matter which movement mode you are in, Groundies Sports helps you and your body be active in a natural way and helps make exercising fun.