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All Terrain High waterproof barefoot shoes– Groundies

Be outdoor. Be healthy. Be real!

No matter if you are hiking or trail running – the waterproof All Terrain High barefoot shoes give you the perfect grip thanks to their TrueSense outdoor sole.

All Terrain High barefoot shoes – waterproof and slip-resistant

Walking barefoot is no longer limited to fair weather. Our All Terrain High barefoot shoes are made for any weather and any terrain. Their waterproof quality and slip- and abrasion-resistant TrueSense outdoor sole makes them your reliable partner at any altitude. Thanks to the low weight of the All Terrain High barefoot shoes, you will move through the terrain as light as a feather, as they do not weigh your feet down. You will still feel fit as a fiddle after many kilometres of walking, which will also have a positive effect on your performance level. In addition, annoying blisters and sore spots are a thing of the past with our All Terrain High - because our waterproof barefoot shoes are flexible and offer enough space for your toes.

TrueSense® outdoor sole: barefoot comfort plus full protection

Our new TrueSense® outdoor sole does not only offer an optimised grip and abrasion resistance, but it also protects your feet perfectly from injuries caused by sharp objects etc. It has been specially designed for maximum protection and durability. Your feet will remain dry no matter how wet or rainy it gets, and whether it's mud or slippery rocks, our All Terrain Outdooor shoes will serve you well. Thanks to their excellent contact with the ground, you can tackle difficult terrain faster and more easily, as they give you constant feedback on the ground condition. Enjoy the beauty of nature the most natural way and still feel safe at any time with our All Terrain High barefoot shoes.

Waterproof barefoot shoes for hiking and sports

Our All Terrain High barefoot shoes are the perfect fit for outdoor activities, whether you're hiking or doing sports. From ambitious hikers to trail runners, more and more athletes go for barefoot shoes. Athletes appreciate their firm grip due to the good contact with the ground and the sensory feedback with every step they take. In addition, barefoot shoes reduce the risk of injuries. Walking barefoot strengthens neglected muscle groups and leads to an overall stronger, more balanced and healthier body. Your well-being will improve, you will feel fitter and more energetic and you will be more than ready to face new challenges. Discover the unique barefoot walking experience with our waterproof All Terrain High for all your outdoor activities. Slip-resistant and light-footed, well protected and with a sense of comfort only barefoot shoes have to offer.