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GROUNDIES® Universe Kids


Runs true to size.
Ready for shipping.


Simple Velcro closure
Easy entry with heel loop
Child-friendly left and right labeling on the sole

  • Groundies Kids Barefoot Shoe Universe Kids
  • Anatomical toe box for a foot-friendly, wider fit in the toe area
  • Zero-drop and neutral footbed
  • Upper made of soft goat leather
  • Soft OnSteam® lining made of breathable microfiber
  • Simple Velcro closure
  • Easy entry with heel loop
  • Child-friendly left and right labeling on the sole
  • Sole made of 100% rubber
  • Flexible, slip-resistant, and abrasion-resistant
  • Designed in Germany. Made in Portugal
  • Sizing information: This model runs true to size

    Introducing: Our popular classic, Universe, now available as a children's shoe. From now on, even the little ones can enjoy healthy barefoot walking without having to sacrifice a cool sneaker look. The comfortable barefoot shoe for kids provides comfortable barefoot pleasure thanks to its simple Velcro closure, easy entry with a heel loop, and child-friendly left and right labeling on the sole. At the same time, the thin and flexible sole trains the foot muscles from the first steps. The anatomical toe box provides a foot-friendly, wider fit in the toe area, while the breathable OnSteam® lining made of microfiber ensures a healthy foot climate.

    We offer free returns within US, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    To clean your Groundies, please use a cloth or a sponge moistened with cold, clear water. Especially with leather and imitation leather models, impregnation is highly recommended to protect the shoes from moisture, dirt and environmental influences.

Product number: GND-310172-27-H

The most original, wonderful, and healthiest way of getting around is to walk barefoot. Children who spend a lot of time exploring the world barefoot have strong and healthy feet and a natural posture. Walking barefoot over sand, pebbles and grass is fun and promotes balance and coordination - but it also activates the foot and leg muscles in a natural way. This also helps with the development of basic sensory and motor skills and has a positive effect on brain development. Not every environment your children will explore is barefoot friendly, however. That's why Groundies offers barefoot shoes for various occasions, to authentically imitate the benefits of barefoot movement.

It's child's play: all models have cute motifs on the soles. There is a bear on the right sole and a rabbit on the left. In addition, there are markings on the inside of the soles that make it easier to distinguish between them.

Children's feet are as individual as children themselves. They differ in length, width and the shape of the instep. For this reason, our shoes are made of light, supple materials that adapt to the contours of the feet. In addition, our children's shoes have different fastening systems that provide extra support and an optimal fit.

Children's shoes from Groundies strengthen the foot muscles, promote coordination skills, support natural foot growth, and provide maximum comfort. Groundies also stand out in terms of design. In short: Groundies kids are flexible & healthy!

Barefoot shoes from Groundies are designed to imitate barefoot walking. Why is this necessary? Because walking barefoot (as the most natural way of getting around) enables children and their feet to develop freely and unhindered.

With very dirty shoes, the best thing is to clean away the worst of the dirt with a soft shoe brush when dry. Stubborn dirt should ideally be removed with warm water and a damp cloth. The shoes should then be dried with the sole facing upwards. Occasionally, you can also treat the shoes with a mild cleaning agent such as our Groundies cleaner. We do not recommend washing our shoes in the washing machine as this can affect their lifespan.

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