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Groundies wins the USABILITY AWARD 2020

Groundies wins the USABILITY AWARD 2020

Just one year old and already claiming accolades

The Groundies online shop has been up and running for barely a year now, and we have just been awarded the Shop Usability Award 2020 in the "Wellness, Beauty and Health" category.

What is the award?

The Shop Usability Award is one of the most reputable e-commerce awards in Germany. Since 2008, it has been awarded annually to shops that apply their creativity and commitment to create a particularly user-friendly online shopping experience. There are 13 different categories, such as "Electronics and Software", "Fashion", and indeed, "Wellness, Beauty and Health". The award ceremony took place on Friday 23 October, at the Seeforum Rottach-Egern on Tegernsee Lake.

Groundies wins the USABILITY AWARD 2020

How were the winners chosen?

Following the submission of applications, the shops were evaluated on the UX Design Community platform, by its members. From the top five participants in each category, a large and independent panel of top-class e-commerce experts chose the final winner. This way, the shops that enable particularly intuitive, fun and seamless online shopping are selected. The award also honours endurance, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

Why did Groundies win?

The panel is of the opinion that Groundies perfectly masters the balancing act of fashion, lifestyle and healthy and sustainable living. Our website demonstrates to excellent effect that, more than just a lifestyle choice, walking barefoot can now also be an eye-catching fashion statement. In addition, the panel emphasized our carefully designed and informative pictures, videos and animations, which explain the advantages of walking barefoot succinctly and concisely.


Groundies owes this award first and foremost to our highly motivated team, working under Goetz Herzog and Dirk Pfeffer. Full of passion and ingenuity, our team works tirelessly to bring the idea of sustainable, healthy and stylish shoes to the world. Many thanks also to our great partners who support us on a daily basis: OXID eSales AG, ScaleCommerce GmbH, econda GmbH, Inxmail, brickfox Multichannel eCommerce, Unzer Greyhound, Seidemann Solutions GmbH and ShopCockpit.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our customers, whose satisfaction is our greatest reward and a daily incentive to become even better. To a new year full of creative barefoot styles - Love your Feet again!

Further information about the Shop Usability Award and the award ceremony can be found here.